The Easy Beauty Look Every Working Girl Needs In Her Bag

Putting in a full day of work can make getting ready for a big night out feel overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve become pros at the mad dash from the office straight to dinner and have surmised the key to looking fab is completely dependent on having the right products in your handbag. Using Keira Knightley’s stunning look from the weekend as our inspiration, here is a list of four items you need in order to look impossibly glamorous this summer. First, since taking off your eye makeup is almost never an option, adding a smoky eye to your existing base layer is the next best thing. Look for palettes with a mix of hues, including a few highlighters for your brow bone à la Keira. Next, hit the apples of your cheeks with a dusting of cheerful blush in a new summer shade. If you’re hair feels limp and dry, add a pea-size dot of hair oil and distribute evenly steering clear of your roots (which can make your hair look greasy). Finish with a matte lipstick in a rose shade that suits your skin tone. Keep these essentials in your desk, or in a pouch in your handbag and you’ll be sitting pretty—literally.

Beauty Essentials