This Viral TikTok Hack Makes It Unbelievably Easy To Get A Perfect French Manicure

Steady hands not required.

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White French Manicure
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While the French manicure and its many iterations are certainly having a moment right now, it’s an undeniably classic look that never really goes out of style (though its heyday was in the early 2000s). It’s simple in design, but a perfect French manicure is notoriously tricky to achieve on your own. The clean lines require a level of precision that can be difficult even when using a nail brush or pro tools. However, thanks to a viral TikTok French manicure hack, your at-home mani no longer requires the hand coordination of a heart surgeon.

Over the years, plenty of other French manicure hacks have emerged; a common one involves placing a piece of tape across the nail to help paint a crisp line, but even this can get messy, quick. Now, nail artists on TikTok are circulating perhaps the easiest and most effective hack yet, and all you’ll need is a silicone stamping tool — or even your beauty sponge. In these viral videos, creators paint a small amount of nail polish onto the silicone tool or sponge, then carefully press it onto the nail to create a French tip in their desired shape and thickness. It almost seems too good to be true, but the sheer amount of users sharing their success with the hack is impressive in itself.

These stamping tools can be used to create a variety of French-inspired nail looks. For example, user @747love8 uses a silicone tool to apply the white tips in a v-shape, which has been an increasingly trendy take on the French mani. Others have layered different colors to create a rainbow effect.

Surely, nail artists aren’t all that surprised by the viral hack, as stamping tools are nothing new. But platforms like TikTok make it so easy for professionals and enthusiasts alike to share their tips and tricks with beauty lovers far and wide, so that maybe, just maybe, they can struggle a little bit less when recreating their favorite looks at home. And isn’t that the beauty of social media?

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