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I Just Unlocked The Easiest Wavy Hair Tutorial, Thanks To An Instagram Post

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It’s a fact: we’ve all fallen victim to an Instagram ad. I’m most definitely guilty of impulse-buying more than one fashion piece or beauty product that I scrolled by and felt like I needed. When looking through Copenhagen Fashion Week content, I thought I was safe from being influenced to spend any money. I thought wrong. I came across the below Reel from Rebecca Ferraz-Wyatt and was immediately mesmerized by her long, wavy hair. From that moment on, it was my mission to figure out how to recreate her hairstyle — and it led me to my new three barrel curling iron.

My first stop on this wavy hair journey was TikTok. I love using the app as a search engine of sorts, looking up things like “best sushi in NYC” and “fall loafer outfits.” I found a plethora of videos on wavy hair, and the common denominator seemed to be the three barrel curling iron. When one creator claimed that this tool makes it so she can go 4-5 days in between washing, I gamely hit the purchase button.

I have never used a curling iron on my hair, so I was a bit nervous about the learning curve, but the three barrel curling iron was surprisingly easy to use. The trick is to use smaller sections of hair and make sure to keep everything else up in a clip. Once I finish a larger area, I spray my texturizing spray all over, and scrunch the waves up towards my head. The thing I love most about this style is that it’s super easy to touch up, and if it’s a little messy, that’s just part of the look.

If you’re ready to achieve the wavy hair of your dreams, keep scrolling for the products I rely on to keep my hair bouncy, smooth, and voluminous.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

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