Why You Should Be Using One Of These Top Scalp Scrubs

These are crucial, no matter your hair type.

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Christopher Robin's scalp scrub.
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While your shower caddy is most likely filled to the brim with shampoos and conditioners, chances are, you might not be dedicating much space to your scalp products. However, your scalp deserves the same attention (if not more) than the rest of your hair. In fact, caring for this area of your head can result in stronger, healthier hair, so consider clearing some space for the best scalp scrubs on the market.

Angela Soto, owner of hair salon Baja Studio in New York City, says a scalp scrub is a detox. "Essentially our scalp is skin and [it] also has skin cells as the rest of our body," she tells TZR. "The hair follicles, which are like the pores on our face, can become clogged from sweat, hair product, dirt, and oil." In turn, the hairstylist says this leads to build-up which causes dryness, as well as a flaky, itchy, or oily scalp even after washing. "By detoxing the scalp, you remove the build-up which allows oxygen and blood flow to do its thing, and for the cells to regenerate [which can lead to] healthy strong hair."

And according to Dr. Kelly Bickle, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist in Los Angeles, build-up of dry, flaky skin on the scalp can also be due to conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis. "Both of these are inflammatory skin conditions, with seborrheic dermatitis likely being due in part to yeast overgrowth on the skin of the scalp." If you do have an actual dermatologic disorder, such as seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis, Dr. Bickle doesn't recommend using a scalp scrub as it might be too irritating to an already inflamed scalp.


However, for those wanting to maintain a healthy scalp, or want to remedy a slightly oily or minimally flaky one, the dermatologist says an occasional scrub might be beneficial, similar to the function of a face or body exfoliator. "I would not recommend using [a scalp scrub] more than once a week, and [you should use it] once every couple of weeks if your skin is more sensitive," Dr. Bickle notes. And she says the best way to use the product is after shampooing and prior to conditioning.

If you're on a mission to prioritize scalp health, a scrub is exactly what you need to add to your bathroom shelf. Ahead, find 10 of the best scalp scrubs on the market, according to the experts.

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The Best Scalp Scrubs On The Market

NatureLab. Tokyo
Perfect Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub
Laura Polko, a celebrity hairstylist who works with Gigi Hadid and Lucy Hale, says NatureLab. Tokyo's Perfect Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub is one of her favorites because it's "gentle, yet effective and leaves your hair feeling nice and healthy afterward," she tells TZR.
Exfoliating Scalp Treatment
If you've ever felt like your hair all of a sudden feels lifeless and can't find a product to work, Matilde Campos, a Los Angeles-based hairstylist, says sometimes all you need is a scrub to get rid of all the residue and build-up in your hair. "Virtue Labs Exfoliating Scalp Treatment is one of my favorite products," she tells TZR. "It's gentle, provides moisture balance, removes impurities, leaves your scalp feeling moisturized, and repairs hair with each use. This scalp treatment is a win-win."
Scrub Apaisant Soothing Scalp Scrub
Eric Williams, an editorial hairstylist in New York, loves KÉRASTASE's Scrub Apaisant Soothing Scalp Scrub. "It's one of my favorites — it contains vitamin B5 and jojoba oils which promotes hair growth and nourishes your strands."

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