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The Best Eye Creams For Dark Circles, According To The Internet

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Whether it be the result of a late night out or just genetics, everybody deals with dark circles at some point or another. Since we choose to not be defined by the rings under our eyes but by how well we overcome them, we tapped the experts for their picks for best eye creams for dark circles. Give your peepers a brightening boost with one (or all) of the below.

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Do Eye Creams Actually Work?

In short, yes, but not under all circumstances "Eye creams work to help hydrate and repair the skin surface," Dr. Caroline Chang, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Rhode Island Dermatology Institute, says. However, if your circles are the result of anything more serious, something more vigorous may be necessary. "Eye creams do have limitations," Dr. Chang says. "They can’t fill in underage hollows due to bone structure and genetics. If a dark circle is caused by discoloration of the skin, then a medical grade skin bleaching agent is helpful. If the dark circle is caused by hollowing under the eyes, then dermal fillers can be helpful."

But how do eye creams deliver such powerful results? The reason is due to high-potency formulations. Eye creams are generally packed with concentrated ingredients that are going to be more high-performing for those targeted areas," Casey Georgeson, founder of Saint Jane Beauty, says to TZR. "Therefore they allow for deeper absorption into the skin."

Eye Cream Ingredients To Consider

"Some great ingredients for the under-eye area includes caffeine which decreases puffiness and constricts blood vessels to reduce the appearance of veins that cause discoloration," Dr. Chang says. "A mild retinol also helps to improve skin tone and texture without causing too much irritation, peptides promote collagen production, and green tea and vitamin C are power antioxidants to reverse photo aging."

But another ingredient proving powerful in awakening eyes is CBD, an ingredient that Georgeson ensures was formulated in Saint Jane Beauty's first eye cream launch. "CBD's biggest super power is its ability to reduce inflammation," Georgeson says. "So if you have puffy eyes, irritated under eyes, redness, or sensitive skin, CBD is going to be a really potent active against those sort of skin conditions because of its powerful anti-inflammatory capabilities."

Ahead, check out the expert-approved creams to help you look — and feel — more alert and refreshed.

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