The Best Treatments For Every Under-Eye Issue

A young woman with a flawless skin after the under-eye issue treatment

Whether you’ve seen too little of your bed or prefer iced coffee over water, your dark under-eye bags, crepey lines and puffy lids are the first to let you know. No matter your concern, we have a hard-working formula to take your peepers from dead tired to wide awake. Read on for these lifesaving tip and tricks that are also expert-approved.

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Easy On The Eyes

First Thing's First, Less Is More

We know you want your dark rings to be gone like yesterday, but one of the most beneficial things you can do is to not go overboard on your product application. The area is thin and super sensitive, so you don't want to cause irritation by slathering on tons of product especially ones with active ingredients like retinol. Joshua Ross of SkinLab recommends using "about half a pinky nail worth of product," to improve not worsen your under-eye concerns. Our go-to method is to gently dab from under the brow bone to the inside corner of the eye.

If You Have Dark Circles...

If dark circles are your issue, scoop up this potent vitamin C gel and apply it in the morning to lighten under eye darkness. Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic & Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, explains "the potent antioxidant interference with the production of admirable pigment will brighten dark circles, improve pigmentation and also prevent free-radical damage from UV light exposure during the day." Combine this with regular exercise to keep stress in check and outbreaks of dark circles will lessen.

If You Have Puffy Eyes...

Puffier under-eyes are usually lifestyle-based, think too much salt, not enough sleep or too much alcohol. To reduce the inflammation, minimize sodium intake and look for eye creams with caffeine, which is known "to constrict blood vessels which may help to minimize the size of the bags," states Dr. Robb Akridge, Co-Founder of Clarisonic & Skin Care Expert.

If You Have Fine Lines...

If you need to conceal fine lines and camouflage wrinkles around your peepers," look for an under-eye cream that contains retinol. It’ll help stimulate collagen to strengthen the skin so it can better hold fat in place under the eyes. Think of it as putting on a new pair of Spanx," notes Dr. Joshua. To maximize its benefits, retinol should be applied at night to take advantage of the skin's natural repair process.

If You Have Dryness...

When the stress of deadlines causes your under-eye areas to become extra dry, it's important to select the right formula to provide hydration and not worsen the tightness. Dr. Joshua advises applying your eye cream or gel, and then "layering a moisturizer over the eye treatment" to seal in hydration. The eyes are left noticeable supple and refreshed.