The Best Beauty Splurges According To Team Zoe

Spending your hard-earned money can be a drag (you know that little thing called rent?). But sometimes, investing in a product that makes you look and feel beautiful is worth the blow to your checking account. Have some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket? We have something for that, too. Here, see the beauty splurges Team Zoe doesn’t mind shelling out the big bucks for.

More Money, More Products

"I admit I'm a total sucker when it comes to luxurious face creams, but I'm completely obsessed with Ahava's Even Tone Sleeping Cream. I have both dry and sensitive skin, but the rich, velvety texture is beyond nourishing, leaving my skin silky smooth and radiant when I wake up. I seriously can't wait to slather it on every night—it makes me feel pampered when I climb into bed! Definitely worth the splurge."

—Rebecca Iloulian, Marketing Coordinator

"I am a huge advocate of drugstore beauty buys, but when it comes to eyebrows I spare no expense. A full brow complements bone structure and all-around elevates your look. Whether you're trying to regrow your brows after a bad wax job (sob) or just want fuller, thicker brows, this product actually makes your hair grow if you use it consistently."

—Claudia Graziano, Social Media Coordinator

"I love this serum because it not only keeps my lips looking hydrated and plump, but it's packed with antiaging ingredients that reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. A product that guarantees luscious lips and keeps them looking young? Always worth every penny."

—Lauren Eggertsen, Editorial Assistant

"Investing in quality hot tools is super important in maintaining your hair's health. Although many of us, myself included, grew up thinking 'the hotter the better' when it comes to flat irons, turns out there is an ideal temperature that gives you smooth, silky locks without completely frying your strands. I love ghd's Platinum Styler. It maintains that magic number (365°F), which helps protect my color-treated blonde hair (translation: less frequent trips to the salon). One hundred percent worth the investment."

—Kristi Mikesky, Fashion and Beauty Editor

"I don't have particularly long or full lashes, so drugstore mascaras don't do the trick for me. I always splurge on Lancôme’s Definicils because the formula is super glossy and it's the only mascara that actually adds noticeable volume to my lashes."

—Shannon Nash, Fashion and Beauty Editor

"I take any duty-free shopping opportunity to stock up on these bad boys, and they are the only thing you'll consistently find in my sparsely stocked fridge. Perfect for getting ready for an event, recovering from a long-haul flight or just an indulgent at-home spa session, you'll be hard pressed to find a mask as reliably effective when it comes to hydrating, brightening and tightening your skin."

—Nicky Deam, Editorial Director

"I'm such a sucker for a good face mask. Lounging around in my robe and indulging in some pampering action is my idea of the perfect beauty investment. Whether it's just knowing my complexion is getting clearer, softer and brighter by the minute, or the feeling of the spa-like ritual to help me unwind, a mask is always worth the splurge."

—Stephanie Montes, Beauty Editor

"I never thought I'd happily spend almost $50 on a face wash until I tried Tatcha's cult cleansing oil. It's literally the only cleanser I've found that removes all of my makeup and leaves my (combination, acne-prone) skin feeling balanced in a single wash. I love a product that makes me feel like an infomercial when I start talking about it."

—Jaclyn Decell, Social Media Manager

"When it comes to your face, skimping is not an option, that's why I love LA-based Dr. Lancer's products. This serum makes you feel like you are really doing your skin a favor!"—Sari Tuschman, Editor-at-Large