Thanksgiving Nail Ideas: Colors That Effect How Much Turkey You Eat

by Stephanie Montes

You may find this hard to believe, but the color you put on your nails can have an effect on how much or how little you eat. With the most indulgent day of the year right around the corner, we’ve hunted down nail polishes that can actually have a psychological impact on your calorie intake. Find out what the power of each color is and shop our favorite shades. It’s up to you to decide which shade–and how many servings–you choose.

Colors To Crave


Eat more: White can trick your brain into eating excessively. Ever wondered why large portions of food are served on huge white plates? Now you know.


Eat less: Blue hues around food make the brain think of artificial coloring, which is less than appetizing. Want to take the color test even further? Try putting a blue light in your fridge to cut back on calorie consumption.


Eat more: Yellow makes people happy. When you see the cheery shade, your brain actually secretes a feel-good hormone that stimulates your appetite.


Eat less: Gray is an appetite killer thanks to the fact that there are no appetizing foods associated with this drab hue.


Eat more: Red is associated with many scrumptious foods (apples, strawberries, tomatoes, etc.), so it serves to activate your appetite. Interesting fact of the day: This is why picnic blankets are red gingham.


Eat less: Brown has an overall calming effect on the subconscious, leading people to eat more slowly, and in turn, consume a lot less.