Team Zoe’s Beauty Resolutions For 2016

by The Zoe Report

A new year ushers in new aspirations, and we intend to keep our beauty-related resolutions above all else. Read on for Team Zoe’s goals for a more gorgeous 2016.

What are your beauty resolutions? Tell us in the comments below.


Our New Year's Beauty Goals

"I'm planning to somehow find an hour in a day to do yoga or Pilates, and learn to breathe."

—Rachel Zoe, Editor in Chief

"I'll stop falling asleep in my makeup! I'm definitely guilty of that."

—Samantha Corbett, Graphic Designer

“I have a tendency to skip a hydrating moisturizer at night, intending to let my skin breathe and avoid breakouts. Lately, I'm waking up with dry, peeling skin, so I'll add a moisturizing step.”

—Laura Lajiness, New York Editor

"I've always struggled to keep my beauty routine concise. This year, I'm making it a point to edit down my stash to the essentials and only hold onto products that really work."

—Stephanie Montes, Senior Beauty Editor

"I have the lofty resolution of going full organic: skincare, makeup, haircare, the whole shebang. I'll either be a barefoot goddess or a crunchy hippie by February 1, which is typically when I admit defeat with all of my New Year's resolutions."

—Nicky Deam, Editorial Director

"I didn’t grow my winter beard (which customarily lasts November to April). It's more work to groom than doing a nice, clean shave every couple of days. I'm planning to spend the extra time in bed—nothing like a good night's sleep to keep you looking fresh."

—Thomas Balamaci, General Manager

"I'm going to wear sunscreen every day, whether I'm in the sun or not."

—Claudia Graziano, Social Media Coordinator

"I don't want my hands to give away my age (when I'm old enough to care about that kind of thing), so my New Year's resolution is to use hand cream every night before I go to bed."

—Kendall Cohan, Product Development Associate

"My mom has told me for years not to wash my hair every day, and in 2016 I resolve to finally listen. I think the key is to buy a great texturizing spray to make sure my hair doesn't fall too flat throughout the week. Here goes nothing!"

—Victoria Gordon, Account Manager

"I want to get a facial at least once a month to keep my skin clear and glowing."

—Aleen Artinian, e-Commerce Assistant

"Most people forget one of the most important parts of a beauty routine: teeth upkeep. Your smile draws people into your presence. In 2016, I'll step up this regimen, including swapping out my toothbrush each month, flossing after each meal and stocking up on plenty of Crest White Strips."

—Scott Riddell, Digital Director

“I resolve to find a decent blow-dryer and use it every day.”

—Adrian Boisclair, Web Developer

"We've all heard it a million times—hydration is essential to your health and supposedly the secret to getting gorgeous. My new motto: If I'm thirsty, I'm already dehydrated. So I should be drinking water even when I'm not!"

—Rebecca Iloulian, Marketing Coordinator

"I'm going to start wearing more colorful nail polish in 2016 and plan to start the new year with a bright red manicure à la Diana Vreeland."

—Shannon Nash, Jewelry & Accessories Editor

"I'm going to try a little harder—a little eye shadow never hurt anyone. And be more adventurous—I desperately need to expand my color horizons when it comes to makeup."

—Sari Anne Tuschman, Editor-at-Large

"I'll wear more lipstick and experiment with fun colors. I'm ready to spice it up!"

—Kristi Mikesky, Features Editor

"I plan to use a great eye cream every night before bed."

Pamela Gassman, Director of Business Development