Nightly Nourishment

by The Zoe Report

Who doesn’t wish that the array of chores and errands on our to-do lists could somehow be accomplished while we sleep? Well, dearest Zoe Beauties, the experts at Tay have given us a way to realize one of our major objectives—that is, hydrated and restored skin—simply as we slumber! There’s just no getting enough of their Safflower Seed Night Cream, a powerful blend that works to improve the state of your skin overnight.

With rejuvenating jojoba, this fabulous formula uses moisturizing lipids to renew cells and enhance deep hydration, all while the natural safflower improves absorption to leave one’s skin feeling refreshed and velvety soft. It is also worth noting that the rich and non-pore clogging blend is paraben-free and contains no dyes or synthetic fragrances. Are you eager to combat winter’s dryness without delay? Nab a tube of Tay’s Night Cream and you’ll wake up with nourished skin in no time!

Availability: TAY Safflower Seed Night Cream with Jojoba ($112). For additional information, visit Tayeveryday.com.