Smooth Operator

by The Zoe Report

At Team Zoe, we never go anywhere without our beloved blotting papers, so you can imagine our excitement when we heard Tatcha was launching a full skincare line! A two-in-one like you’ve never seen, our current favorite from the collection is their Deep Rice Enzyme Powder.

Innovative in more ways than one, just sprinkle this cutting-edge wonder into wet hands and watch as it transforms from a featherweight powder to a creamy cleanser right before your eyes. Made from a gentle blend of enzyme-filled rice brand and papaya extract, our latest Tatcha love leaves us looking enviably smooth. Give yourself one silky-soft polish and we know you’ll be sold on the gorgeous results!

Availability: Tatcha Deep Rice Enzyme Powder ($65). For additional information, visit Tatcha.com.

P.S. As a beautiful bonus to today’s story, we’re sharing the enchanting history behind Tatcha’s new collection on our Tumblr!