Gold Leaf Geisha

by The Zoe Report

Hold the phone! If, like us, you are infatuated with all things Tatcha (read: their coveted blotting sheets), then Zoe Reporters, you’re going to freak out over their latest development: Evening Aburatorigami Beauty Papers!

Handmade in Japan from oil-absorbing abaca leaves, these charcoal-infused mini gold-flaked folios are a clutch-size, evening version of their cult favorite leaflets! Whether you want to create a perfect canvas for your morning makeup application or you need a night-on-the-town touch-up, the flawlessly prepped and primed skin of your dreams is just one elegant paper away. So, grab that party dress and major mascara because this secret weapon delivers a luminous face and fits snugly in your favorite clutch!

Availability: Tatcha Evening Aburatorigami Beauty Papers ($50 for a 4-pack). For additional information, visit Tatcha.com.