StyleStalker Designers Share Their Beauty Rules

by Stephanie Montes

We tapped the very stylish minds of Sue-Ann San and Rachel Zeilic, cofounders and designers of Aussie fashion label and super-successful blog StyleStalker, to discover what makes them feel beautiful. We know they both have impeccable fashion sense, but now we’re finding out the secrets to their beauty routines.

Rule #1: Have A Role Model

"We both really look up to Christine Centenera, the senior fashion editor of Vogue Australia, for her sense of fashion and her drop-dead good looks," says the duo.

Photo: @stylestalker

Rule #2: Keep It Simple

"My beauty M.O. in 3 words is less is more. I like super clean and glowing skin–a fresh face just feels and looks best," says Sue-Ann. "My favorite part is keeping my entire makeup routine under 5 minutes."

Photo: @stylestalker

Rule #3: Pick A Timeless Staple

"Year after year, I continue to come back to Lucas Paw Paw Ointment," says Rachel. "It's the Aussie girl's biggest beauty secret. It's hands down the best and most multitasking lip balm out there. I use it on cuts, insect bites and on my entire face when my skin gets dry after a flight."

Rule #4: Go Back To Basics

"I use coconut oil for everything," says Sue-Ann. "I use the gooey goodness as a homemade hair mask before I shower, a night cream before bed and as a blast of moisture for my body anytime of the day."

Rule #5: Try Something New

"Although it is somewhat of a modern classic, I'm currently experimenting with Benefit's Benetint lip and cheek stain," says Rachel. "I’m all about a colored lip, but I’m always too busy to reapply during the day. Benefit's lip tint solves my lip drama because it last all day."

Rule #6: Find A Signature Scent

"When it comes to fragrance choices, we like to change it up," says the duo. Our favorites include, Origins Ginger Essence Sensuous Skin Scent, Clean Ultimate Eau de Parfum and Chanel No. 5 Sensual Elixir. What girl doesn’t love Chanel No 5?"

Photo: @stylestalker

Rule #7: Know Your Must-Haves

"There are 5 items I always have at a moment's reach—" says Rachel, "a smudge-proof eyeliner, BB cream, mascara, makeup remover and a compact."

Photo: @stylestalker

Rule #8: Be Yourself

"I'm kind of over the top knot," says Sue-Ann. "I love to see girls let their hair down and go with a natural look."

Photo: @stylestalker

Rule #9: Master Your Process

"Bumble and Bumble surf spray is my go-to hair product," says Rachel. "For a perfect wave I wash my hair at night and then blow-dry just the roots with a light spray of this. Then I part it down the middle and put it into 2 high buns (like a rave bunny). I sleep with it like that, and in the morning I have perfect hair."

Rule #10: Choose Your Best Shade

"Natural-colored nail polishes are best for me," says Sue-Ann. "I usually go with a clear coat or Ballet Slippers from Essie."