Spray Foundations For A Flawless Complexion

by Stephanie Montes

Originally, airbrush makeup was used to give models a flawless look on the runways but now we have a similar product at our disposal! We think the beauty world is on the brink of something wonderful with the new spray foundations that have been hitting the market. Lucky for us, these come in convenient aerosol cans for easy at-home application. We’ll show you how to get a perfectly airbrushed-looking, flawless complexion at home; no makeup artist needed.

First Things First

What is spray foundation? This innovative product is an evolution of the airbrush machine. Although there are airbrush machines available for domestic use, they are bulky and not travel-friendly. Needless to say, we prefer these new aerosol cans. They are easy to use, don’t take up much space on your beauty shelf and don’t require a process of filling and cleaning out a machine. Most importantly, we love the coverage! It's buildable without being too cakey, which makes skin look impeccable.

Step 1

Be sure to moisturize and prime skin as usual. This step is always important, regardless of your makeup routine. It keeps your skin flake-free and your makeup from rubbing off throughout your day.

Step 2

After shaking the can for five to ten seconds, spray a small amount of the product onto a foundation brush and buff into skin. We get better buffing control with flat top brushes. Build coverage by repeating the process and focusing on problem areas.

Step 3

If needed, brighten the undereye with a brightening pen or concealer. Do this after foundation for extra coverage on those dark circles. Continue your eye routine as usual.

Step 4

For a truly dewy look, we recommend applying a cream blush with a blush brush to add some color to the apples of your cheeks, and up toward your high cheekbone.

Step 5

Add a soft hint of color to your lips to keep it natural for daytime. Set the look with a hydrating mist.

Final Look

The natural appearance and velvety feel of spray foundations are seriously impressive. The product sets really well which means minimal touch-ups and a great option for day-to-night looks.