This Is Why You Should Be Using Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid Together

The best of both worlds.

Courtesy of Sonya Dakar
Sonya Dakar Ultima C Serum held by models.

Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are often considered to be very, very different, even if you currently use both skin care acids. Though according to Sonya Dakar’s new launch, it’s time to consider how the two ingredients complement one another rather than the differences between them. On May 3, the clean skin care brand launched its new Sonya Dakar Ultima C Serum, an $88 skin-brightening formula with 15% vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and kakadu plum and goji fruit extracts — both natural sources of, you guessed it, vitamin C.

“Vitamin C actually works better when combined with hyaluronic acid. You get the benefits of luminous skin, lightening of acne scars and melasma, firming the skin, and boosting collagen production,” Sonya Dakar, Founder of Sonya Dakar Skincare, exclusively tells TZR over email. “When hyaluronic acid is introduced into the formula, it adds hydration that can sometimes be taken away from vitamin C.”

Better yet, the new launch aims to pare down your routine — or at least, help combine two steps. “Dual-action simplifies the skin care routine and avoids confusion on what to layer when. With so many people layering on different products, we wanted to create something that was easy to use but wouldn’t compromise on the efficacy of any of the ingredients, formula, and results,” Dakar continues. (Since yes, anyone can get confused about how to correctly layer a skin care routine, even the pros.)

Courtesy Of Sonya Dakar

And according to Mimi Dakar, VP and Creative Director of Sonya Dakar, fans and clients have been asking for a one-two product like the new vitamin C serum. “For four decades, Sonya has taken into account what her clients are looking for and how she can solve their concerns. Lately, many have been coming in with acne scars, melasma, and hyperpigmentation; in addition, she has also seen a surge in contact dermatitis, eczema, and rosacea,” the creative director explains. “By merging the best Sonya Dakar vitamin C serum and the best hyaluronic acid, you’ll gain the benefits from both products.”

For now, you can shop the new serum exclusively on SonyaDakar.com, below.

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