Meet Soft Services, The New Brand Looking To Upend Your Body-Care Routine

Finally, products that address common concerns below the neck.

Soft Services

Take a moment to consider your current arsenal of body products: There’s likely some heavily scented moisturizer and cleanser, and maybe a shaving cream or two. Beyond that, though, it may be a little light — which is exactly how Glossier alums Annie Kreighbaum and Rebecca Zhou came up with the idea for their new beauty brand, Soft Services. Aiming to fill the gap in the body-care category where products that address common skin concerns are lacking, the industry veterans have launched a company that goes beyond hair removal, hygiene, and moisturizing and actually offers “solutions where there are none.”

What does that mean, exactly? Rather than creating different versions of a bunch of stuff you already have, Soft Services focuses on areas others do not. That will include things such as keratosis pilaris, discoloration, and body acne — but to start, the brand is putting its efforts toward smooth skin.

Available now on SoftServices.co, the company’s first launch is made up of three products made with resurfacing (and maintaining) in mind: the Buffing Bar, the Smoothing Solution, and the Carea Cream. And fortunately, they’re all designed to work together — use the former two to exfoliate, and the latter to hydrate and keep skin smooth longer.

“We wanted to launch with products that most people need so we could make a big splash,” Zhou explains to TZR of the brand’s initial drop. “Forty percent of American adults have keratosis pilaris, which is just one of the concerns that our first products address. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t regularly deal with ingrown hairs on their body, which is another thing we can help with.”

With their years of working in the industry, it’s not exactly a surprise that Kreighbaum and Zhou decided to launch their own brand together — after all, many beauty brand founders have started with similar backgrounds. But for the knowledgable duo, it actually wasn’t something they were seeking out. “We were honestly wary of launching another beauty brand,” says Kreighbaum. “The simplest way to be sustainable is to not make redundant products.”

Yet while commiserating over still having bacne at 30, the co-founder remembered that some of the most popular beauty articles she ever worked on had focused on niche body-care concerns. “It was clear through the feedback from readers who would trade hacks in the comments sections, and from going deep into Reddit and market research that attainable solutions for these super common issues were few and far between. We were surprised nobody had created effective solutions earlier, and the timing was right for me and Rebecca to take it on.” Thus, Soft Services was born.

Though the brand kicked off with just three products, there are undoubtedly more on the horizon. And while many of the concerns it tackles will be different, the founders aim to keep performance ingredients and a sustainable approach through everything they create. “If a product solution exists that we can’t improve upon in a big way, we won’t make it,” says Zhou. “We don’t try to convince people to buy our products if they don’t need them. In a cool way, a lot of these more sustainable decisions are also better for business — we have less competition on the market and will hopefully end up with happier customers.”

Soft Services’ first three products range from $28 to $40, and you can shop them all now on SoftServices.co. Get a sneak peek, ahead.

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