Smokey Blonde Is The Hottest Color To Wear This Fall

Total smoke show.

by Natasha Marsh

Smokey blonde hair is mixed with grays or icy blue tones and work great for those who want to dip their toes into color, without the commitment of a bold color routine. When debating on a new hair shade, the first step is to look at inspiration photos. Ahead, nine looks that will serve as a guide for your fall hair transformation.

Golden Smoke

Can’t say goodbye to the golden tones of the summer? No problem. A golden smokey blonde is a great mixture of cool and warm undertones, bringing the best of both seasons into one look.

Lightly Smoked

Not sure how the color will look on you? Ask your stylist to try a lightly smoked blonde that is not as dramatic but still noticeable. Knowing what products are needed to sustain salon-worthy color is half the battle here. Be sure to arm your arsenal with a good purple shampoo.

Greige Blonde

The perfect mixture between smokey beige and shiny blonde, greige blonde blends in gray and blonde for an ultra edgy blonde look. Wear your look pin straight or curled.

Sprinkled Smoke

When you aren’t ready to color your whole head but still want to take a stab at the trend, highlight your bangs. Whether you have blunt, choppy, or curtain bangs, this is a cool spin on smokey blonde.

Short & Sweet

If you prefer shorter locks in the colder months, you can still have fun with the trend. For extra volume and movement, feel free to add in waves and curls.

Smooth All Over

Clean hair is the best foundation for smooth and glossy strands. Pro tip: Be sure to work in a deep conditioner or hair mask once a week to keep strands soft and shiny — and keep your color in tact.

Wavy Golden Hour

To keep this honey golden hue looking great in between appointments, opt for a shine spray for a glossy finish, and a pomade to keep flyaways at bay.

Volume Please

For those with less density, pump up the volume by blowdrying hair with a round brush from root to ends. And if you’re a fan of hot tools, be sure to invest in a heat protectant as the heat can cause toner to fade faster.

Classic Smoke

The cool thing about smokey blonde is it looks great any way: up, down, curled, straight, waved, and at any length. In order to keep the color from fading, be sure to go in for touchups every six to eight weeks.


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