6 Things That Are Ruining Your Skin

by Stephanie Montes

In a world where everyone (including ourselves) is obsessed with the best beauty products and foods that are good for us, it’s easy to forget to pay attention to the little things that might have a less-positive effect. You might be surprised to find out that electronics and even the water temperature in the shower can be ruining your skin. Here, 6 ways to update your day-to-day routine for the better.

Save Your Skin

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Don't: Scrub Your Face

Daily exfoliation is essential to healthy skin and regular cell turnover but harsh, gritty exfoliating scrubs can do more damage than good.

Do: Use a washcloth or a sponge (and a cleanser) to get a deep clean without damaging the top layers of your skin.

Don't: Forget To Wash Your Washcloth

Wet washcloths and cleansing devices are susceptible to bacteria and even mold. Transferring that to your pretty face is just unacceptable.

Do: Throw your washcloth in the laundry after each use. For cleansing brushes, remove the head and let it dry completely between uses.

Don't: Wash Your Face First

Always wash your hair and brush your teeth before you wash your face. Ingredients in toothpaste can cause irritation and dryness, while shampoo and conditioner can leave a film the skin.

Do: Brush your teeth and wash your hair before your face.

Don't: Sleep On Dirty Pillowcases

We all love a good night cream and nourishing hair oil but the buildup it creates on your pillowcase can seriously make you break out.

Do: Alternate pillowcases and wash them once per week.

Don't: Let Bacteria Take Over Your Life

Commonly used items like your phone, sunglasses and headphones build up with oil, sweat and bacteria from everything you have previously touched.

Do: Keep sanitizing wipes in close reach to keep your most-used items clean.

Don't: Cleanse With Hot Water

While hot water can help open pores, it also strips the natural oils off your face, leaving it dry and dull looking.

Do: Opt for a lukewarm wash and end with a 30-second rinse of cool water to boost circulation.