How To Never Get Spray Tan All Over Your Sheets Ever Again

Anyone who occasionally self or spray tans understands the dilemma that is trying to sleep without transforming your bedding into an orange-tinged disaster (as Chrissy Teiegn so relatably captured on social media). We like white sheets, and we love a faux glow, but we’re not willing to forgo either. A defiant solution? Sleeping in dark, long-sleeved shirts, pants and socks, which works (sort of) yet proves to be a colossal sweat bath in the warm summer months. We recently caught wind of another alternative that’s so plain and simple it’s just … brilliant. Australian brand Tanzee offers a range of luxury sheet inserts that are made from silk microfiber and designed to prevent both the transfer of spray tans onto sheets and streaking of product. Uhh, why didn’t we think of that? The insert is essentially a large sack (think: a non-fleecy Snuggie) and might just be the knight in shining armor fake-bake enthusiasts have been searching for.

Photo: @_tanzee

Full disclosure: We’ve yet to test-drive the product ourselves, but it seems straightforward enough and thus, worth a try in our book. (We are unsure, however, about the appropriate arm placement—we’re envisioning it as a roomy cocoon of sorts, allowing us to emerge after a long slumber as a bronze butterfly.) Never have we felt so fearless at the prospect of slathering on the St. Tropez before bedtime.

Have any tips and tricks for keeping orange sheets at bay? Let us know in the comments below!

Tanzee Sheet Insert, $48-50

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