The Best New Self Tanners On The Market

Faking a sun-kissed glow is a reasonable thing to do if your legs haven’t seen the light of day all winter. However, we’re with you if the notion of wearing gloves to systematically coat every inch of your body in stinky, self-tanning goop sounds less than desirable. Fortunately, the beauty industry has made major strides as of late and application is much easier, and dare we say it, enjoyable (hello, Kabuki brush). Here, 9 new innovations in the glowing world of self tanning.

Alberta Ferretti, Spring 2016, ImaxTree

The Best Self Tanners On The Market

In-Shower Lotion

If the mere notion of self tanning is far too much effort, this is the product for you. Simply apply to wet skin in the shower, wait 3 minutes, rinse off and voilà! Tanning for the lazy girl has never been easier.

Quick-Dry Gelee

The process of applying this gel with a quick-dry Kabuki brush will take less than 5 minutes—head to toe. Aside from the luxuriously soft bristles, the gel is nontransferable—so you can get dressed right away without ruining your clothing.

3-In-1 Dry Oil

This dry oil is both a non-greasy bronzer, certified organic self tanner and SPF 50. For the beginning of the season when you haven't been in a swimsuit for months, this multitasker is a genius time saver—not to mention confidence booster.

Overnight Face Serum

It sounds too good to be true: Go to bed and wake up with plump, glowing skin? Yes, it's possible with James Read's new face serum which acts as a hydrating overnight mask with ingredients like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and red algae. The bonus self-tanning ingredients promise a streak-free glow by morning.

Micro-Mist Spray

Rocking a skirt or shorts for the first time of the season requires an immediate, high-impact solution. Thankfully, this easy-to-apply micro-mist spray is both a bronzer (which you can see instantly), and self tanner that will gradually deepen over a few hours.

Anti-Aging Face Towelettes

TanTowel has perfected their face wipe formula to also include anti-aging ingredients like Vitamin B5 and aloe vera. Infusing your skin with the right nutrients and staying out of the sun is a winning combo for a youthful glow.

Self Tanning Bronzer Powder

Vita Liberata is touted as the first loose bronzer powder that also contains self tanner. Use the Kabuki brush to dust along your cheekbones, jawline and décolleté to add contouring shadows that last up to 5 days.

Fast-Acting Booster Lotion

If you typically have time to use one of these products on the weekend, but not during the week, it's crucial your tan lasts as long as possible. To create an enduring color apply Mystic Tan's boosting cream before your self tanner to balance and prep the skin so it's able to absorb the color quickly and efficiently. The lotion contains amino acids which accelerate the active tanning ingredient so it shows up faster and sticks around for longer.

Odor Eliminating Finishing Lotion

The age-old dilemma of how to mask the obvious (and icky) scent of self tanner has been solved by Xen-Tan's finishing lotion. After using your go-to self tanner, apply a coat of this lotion to eliminate the all-too-common odor. The formula was specifically designed to block DHA (the active tanning ingredient) and replace it with a pretty cucumber-melon scent.