These New Products Will Make Your Next Shower So Much Better

Glossier has you covered when it comes to achieving a flawless face. Now the brand is making moves toward catering to the other 90% of you—your body. Its latest launch is all about upgrading your shower session and pampering routine. With a brand-new, all-pink (duh), body-positive campaign, Glossier introduces its new Body Hero Duo. The pair is meant to leave your skin feeling dewy and hydrated. The Daily Oil Wash consists of seven (!) oils that attract sweat and buildup that form throughout the day. It turns into a gentle foam that won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Still with us?

Now for the moisturizer. It’s an upgraded version of your daily lotion, as it not only melts right into your skin, it also contains light-reflecting particles so you can really get your glow on. Oh, and you can Instagram it because it’s really pink and really pretty (we know what’s important). Shower time just got so much better and our credit cards can’t even handle all this goodness. Snag the duo for $35 on glossier.com right now, and while you’re at it be sure to check out the inclusive campaign featuring women of all shapes and sizes stripped down to nothing but confidence.