Everything You Need To Know About Facial Hair Removal


The scruffy look works for Brad Pitt but that doesn’t mean we want to emulate it. No matter how you slice it, female facial hair is actually super common but annoying nonetheless. Here, we compare the pros and cons of shaving (yes, with an actual razor), waxing, tweezing, lasering, bleaching and depilating. If you are all too familiar with annoying peach fuzz and embarrassing stray hairs (or a full-on pregnancy beard like Adele), these tips will help smooth things out for good.


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


Best For: Upper lip, forehead, general peach fuzz

How It's Done: Pull skin taut, then hold the razor at a 45-degree angle and shave downward in short strokes.

Pros: Completely pain-free, easy to use and fast. This single-blade razor removes all traces of hair (even fine, invisible ones) and doesn't make hair grow back thicker or darker.

Cons: Since it's just cutting hair at the surface, you will have to do this at least twice per week.


Best For: Chin, upper lip, hairline

How It's Done: You can make an appointment at your local hair-removal center or, if you prefer, invest in an at-home device that does the same thing.

Pros: With continued use, hair removal can become permanent. After a just a few sessions, hair will grow in slower and thinner.

Cons: Depending on your pain tolerance, lasering can be painful. It won't detect light or fine hair so blondes and those with peach fuzz will be disappointed. It can also cause pigmentation issues and deeper skin tones.


Best For: Chin, upper lip, hairline, sideburns

How It's Done: Rest the coil on your face and twist handles to rotate the spring and pull hair.

Pros: It looks more natural because it doesn't leave harsh lines. Works best on coarse strays. Lasts longer because you are removing at the root.

Cons: It hurts like hell. This device pulls only a handful of hairs at a time so you will have to go over the same area multiple times, which can feel torturous. It also has a difficult time picking up thin, short hair so, again, peach fuzz need not apply.


Best For: Upper lip, sideburns, eyebrows

How It's Done: Apply the two-step paste to the area you are treating, wait eight minutes and then wipe off. You can also apply it to eyebrows to lighten them a shade or two if needed.

Pros: Lightens hair to make it less visible, easy and quick to use.

Cons: Since it's not actually removing hair, peach fuzz will still be visible in direct sunlight. It's possible that you will feel an uncomfortable, burning sensation while it works.


Best For: Eyebrows, chin

How It's Done: Using the tip, pluck unwanted hairs one at a time.

Pros: Gives you precise control and easily removes unwanted strays (like the ones that pop up on the chin). Doesn't irritate skin and lasts about two weeks.

Cons: Takes much longer since you are focusing on one hair at a time.


Best For: Brows, upper lip, sideburns, peach fuzz

How It's Done: These easy-to-use strips don't require heating—just warm between hands, peel apart and firmly press onto area. In a single pull, remove the strip.

Pros: It's fast and relatively painless. Removes all traces of hair, even peach fuzz.

Cons: Waxing can be irritating and leave behind redness. It can also create harsh lines, which looks less natural.