This Antiaging Body Cream Has A 2,000-Person Waitlist

When it comes to antiaging, facial products are usually what come to mind first, followed by several “non-invasive” procedures that celebrities love to brag about. We rarely ever think of antiaging agents targeting the rest of our body, but apparently we should.

Ever’s Lavish Ultra Rich Body Butter has a waitlist of 2,000 people, and unfortunately we can’t even add our names to the list. The body cream claims to hydrate, plump and diminish lines thanks to its unique “superfruit complex.” Essential oils, along with cranberry, cherry, blackberry and more, work together to keep your skin looking youthful and radiant.

Unfortunately, there’s no current way to get your hands on the cream, other than waiting for a restock. The waitlist is we’re sure the $42 jar will be available again in no time.

Photo: Ever Skincare