5 Products That’ll Reset Your Dry, Winter Skin

While we’re all about the hot toddies, cozy sweaters and chic boots that are synonymous with winter weather, what we’re not into is the toll the cooler temps take on our skin. Between chapped lips, dull complexions and red cheeks, we’re up in arms over the whole thing. But since we’re in the business of solutions, we compiled a little skincare army to help us fight through the colder months like champs. Here, the items we keep in stock all winter long.

Icy temps and chilly breezes can suck the moisture right out of your skin and leave it looking dull. Keep a hydrating facial mist at your desk or in your purse to revive that dewy glow you should have year-round. Just give yourself a couple spritzes throughout the day to keep things balanced and healthy-looking.

While detoxifying masks may be your go-to in the summer, moisture-conserving formulas are the solution for the cold-weather months, as your skin loses a lot of it during this time. Work in a weekly hydrating mask to prevent your complexion from going the lackluster route.

Dry, dehydrated skin can become flaky and lifeless, so a refining exfoliant is key. Get a gentle formula that won't irritate or break the skin and that can be used daily (since winter weather doesn't mess around).

That lightweight moisturizer that worked in the spring and summer just won't cut it in the winter. Your skin needs more hydration, so going with a richer, heavy-duty product with moisture-retaining ingredients is crucial. Make sure you moisturize twice a day (in the AM and PM) for optimal results.

We know the word peel probably brings up scary images of Samantha Jones looking like beef carpaccio on Sex and the City, but they're actually quite gentle and effective, if you get your hands on the right product. At-home peels are less concentrated yet still potent enough to help improve the tone and texture of your skin. Hesitant to take the plunge? Try working it in once a week or so and then ramp up as you start to get more comfortable and see results.