This DIY Mask Is A Total Skincare Game Changer

by Stephanie Montes

I’m a major mask junkie—I’ve tried everything from paper sheet masks soaked in snail slime to peel-off masks packed with glitter. In fact, it’s a regular part of my Sunday-morning ritual. Wake up, have some breakfast, turn on some good/bad TV and sink back into bed with my favorite skin-saver. So, being the skincare enthusiast that I am, my ears perked up when I heard Dr. Jart was launching a new rubber mask. I’ve tried these types of DIY concoctions before, but they they don’t always turn out quite right. So, I got my hands on the buzzy item and took it for a spin.

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Shake Things Up


My past experiences with some rubber masks have been rough. Although it gives you a clear "fill line" that spells out how much water you should use, the formula doesn't always come out quite right. I'm not sure if iI go wrong in the mixing of my formulation or what. Either way, it's never been as seamless as the packaging makes it appear.


Each Dr. Jart Shake & Shot rubber mask comes complete with two liquid-filled pouches and a spatula packed in a cute cup. And guess what? There's no "fill line." You literally empty both pouches into the cup, place the lid back on and give it a quick shake. Magically, the two ingredients mix together to create the perfect rubbery texture.


I settled on the Hydro mask. To use, you just shake the cup and use the spatula to apply the solution onto your face. It felt cold, like many face masks do when you first put them on, but this one maintains a cooling effect for the entire 20 minutes I kept it on.

When the time came to remove it, the mask peeled off in one fell swoop and my skin was insanely hydrated. Though it wasn't listed on the packaging, my skin also had a noticeable glow to it. I even put my newly supple skin to the test by partaking in an evening spin class. After an hour-long sweat session, I was still hydrated and dewy (and no, it wasn't just the perspiration pouring down my face). Needless to say, I totally believe this new (and easy to use) rubber mask is worth the hype.