Fashion Girls Are Obsessed With This Low Maintenance Chop For Winter

Low-maintenance is best.

by Natasha Marsh
Short haircuts are an easy way to create a big style statement this winter, and (bonus) they make wearing a chunky scarf much more comfortable. Plus there are endless options for every texture. From textured afros to wavy lobs, these seven short haircut ideas for winter are so easy to recreate. @h2salonbrooklyn
Wavy Lob

By adding layers to your long bob (aka a lob) you’ll remove weight and allow for more movement. It also helps hair dry faster on those frosty mornings, meaning less maintenance for you.

Defined Curly Chop

Play around with numerous hairstyles when you opt for a defined textured chop this winter. To get perfect definition, work in a curl cream or pudding from root to ends.


It’s longer than a pixie, but not quite a bob, the bixie cut is still going strong for winter. Make sure to top off a blowout with a gloss spray to maintain the shine.

French Bob

Channel your inner cool girl with a French bob this winter. To keep frizz at bay, style with a lightweight leave-in conditioner.

Buzz Cut

To really cut back on maintenance, ditch your stands entirely and opt for a daring buzzed haircut. Really the only product you’ll need is a hair wax or hair balm to walk out the door in five minutes or less.

Sleek Bob

PSA: Bobs are getting shorter this season. When you make your hair appointment, make sure your stylist cuts blunt lines for the ultimate chic look.


Embrace your curls and volume this winter with a textured afro. To keep coils hydrated, invest in a hair mask or leave-in conditioner. And don’t forget to wrap the hair at night to protect the definition and keep frizz at bay.


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