Fake Out

by The Zoe Report

As glamorous guinea pigs to every beauty product under the sun, there is nothing we won’t try at least once. In the self-tanning territory, this often leads to unfortunate orange streaks and an uneven complexion. Fear not, because we have found the holy grail of faux glowers: Rodial’s Brazilian Tan Face.

So take a trip to the bathroom beach with this tropical blue bottle in hand, because a healthy, sun-kissed appearance awaits you! Starting with a clean surface, simply massage a modest amount of the peptide-packed cream-gel onto your face and neck, then witness as a bronze radiance washes over your visage. Beyond its color-giving capabilities, Rodial’s skin gem also boasts smoothing and anti-wrinkling powers, thanks to its hyaluronic acid and Pepha®-Tight ingredients. Is summer calling your name? Dive in with Brazilian Tan Face! Faking it never looked so fabulous.

Availability: Rodial Brazilian Tan Face ($45). For additional information, visit Rodial.co.uk.

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