Zoe Do: Slick Hair

by The Zoe Report

The epitome of sleek chic, if you missed the parade of glistening crowns showcased during the spring runway shows, allow us to fill you in. From the saturated manes at Alexander Wang to the slicked tresses at Prabal Gurung, glossy roots at Giambattista Valli and damp chignons at Chanel—fashion week’s wet locks have us planning to drench our ‘dos this season. Hoping to soak your own strands for spring? Follow these easy steps from resident Team Zoe beauty guru, Joey Maalouf!

To slick your style à la Prabal Gurung:

1. To start, towel dry and loosely comb freshly washed hair. 2. Next, to ensure a smooth look and prevent frizz, apply a small amount of hair oil with your fingertips and run through from root to tip. 3. Take two quarter-sized amounts of strong hold gel and apply a liberal coat throughout.

4. Finish your look by combing hair back in the desired direction. (Tip: dishevel with fingertips for a slightly more messy ‘do.)

To gloss your roots à la Giambattista Valli:

1. To start, towel dry and loosely comb freshly washed hair. 2. Next, brush and blow dry hair from root to tip until your whole head is dry. 3. Apply one quarter-sized amount of strong hold gel to just the roots and slick back across your crown. 4. Finish with a quick mist of hairspray to your roots.

To saturate your mane à la Alexander Wang:

1. Start with a full head of wet hair and lightly towel dry to stop any dripping. 2. To detangle, take your fingers and loosely comb through hair. 3. Next, apply three full pumps of anti-frizz treatment from root to tip. 4. Finish with a liberal amount of spray gel throughout and let hair air dry!