There Are Actually Thousands Of Distinct Skin Types — This Brand Helps Find Yours

Meet Revea, your pocket-sized skin care expert.

Revea skin scan model in green sweater

Is it possible that, for years now, the world’s operated under totally false assumptions about skin type? Flip through almost any guide to skin care and you’ll typically find four major classifications: normal, dry, oily, or combination. According to the scientists behind Revea, an exciting new skin care breakthrough, there are actually more than 3,000 skin types, all informed by previously unaccounted factors like geographic location, lifestyle, genetics, and more. Not only does Revea identify users’ precise skin types through AI technology, but. it also customizes made-to-order skin care to help your distinct skin type reach its full potential. A surprisingly seamless amalgamation of scientist-formulated products, hyperspectral imaging, smartphone app integration, and real-time, real-human support, Revea might just be the solution to “one-size-fits-all skin care” that, by virtue of being so universal, is highly exclusive.

To hear CEO Chaz Giles tell it, Revea is as much a mission to democratize dermatology as it is a skin care brand. While regular, in-person doctor’s visits are essential for important health screenings, Revea aims to sort out more aesthetic issues with its in-depth platform. Giles and the Revea team spent years immersed in different facets of the industry, including pharmaceutical dermatology and brand giants like Estée Lauder, now focusing on what the company refers to as “precision” skin care — a concept Revea investors (ULTA Beauty among them) expect to be the next big thing.

How Revea Works

In its most basic form, Revea is designed to identify your skin’s type, needs, and issues with a hyperspectral imaging scan of the face, subsequently creating bespoke, made-to-order serums and moisturizers carefully adjusted to suit the scan’s results. The AI-powered skin analysis runs the scan through a database of characteristics and data points to identify chief concerns, guided by lifestyle and profile questions about age, ethnicity, gender, and lifestyle.

The phone camera scan is surprisingly in-depth, spitting out a complete assessment of your skin’s radiance, texture, milieu, and more in a matter of minutes. In fact, Giles even says that clients are routinely skeptical then pleasantly surprised at just how robust the technology is. “The technology is definitely a wow moment for consumers,” he tells TZR, explaining that the imaging combines three long years of research and development with actual NASA technology. “For many, it is the first time they’ve ever had skin diagnostics.”


Once diagnosed, the app presents users with curated serum suggestions, one for evening and one for morning, tailored to suit those needs. Someone with a lower radiance level and uneven skin tone, for instance, might have a higher concentration of vitamin C in their serums than someone primarily targeting blemishes. From there, clients use the accompanying app to track their skin’s progress and speak with on-call experts. “The industry has ignored our diversity and individual needs,” Giles says. “It lumps us into four generic skin types when our skin is the product of our unique biology. We knew the technology to solve this problem existed.”

That’s at the heart of the Revea concept, ahead of even the products — it’s a matter of empowering everyday people with knowledge that typically requires doctor’s visits and sophisticated technology to understand. “At the risk of sounding trite, I cannot tell you how many times we sat with consumers who, for the first time, were able to understand their skin and why things were happening,” he explains.


About The Products

With that knowledge-is-power foundation in place, users can opt in to purchase the bespoke, three-piece skin care set by becoming a Revea member, which costs $250 quarterly. The set’s 90-day supply is both refillable and designed to be reformulated regularly to keep up with your skin’s adjusting needs. If you’re not loving your set, Revea offers a full money-back guarantee within 90 days, too.

“For so many of us, our skin, and skin care, can be a source of stress, frustration, and anxiety,” Giles says. “I wish everyone who ever felt that way could know it was not their skin that was the problem. The problem is that the skin care industry didn’t yet have the technology to understand and meet their individual needs. Now, we do.”