8 Sizzling Red Nail Designs To Inspire Your Next Summer Mani

Hot girl summer indeed.

If you’re ready to have a red hot summer, than you obviously need a manicure to match. Red nail designs are an easy way to spice up the season’s most energizing color, and luckily there are plenty of options to choose from. Keep tapping to find your next red mani inspiration.@julieknailsnyc

Watermelon Crush

Is there anything more synonymous with summer than watermelon? A few accent nails will take your mani to the next level.


Ruby Dots

Pink and red are a match made in manicure heaven, and this color block dot design is beyond easy to DIY.



Grab a thin nail brush and your favorite ruby lacquer and free style some lines on your nail beds. Just be sure to use a glossy top coat to seal the design.


Geometric Accents

Play around with graphic cutouts and lines with this minimalist red nail look. Bonus points if you change up the shade of red for each nail.


High Fashion Hearts

A wonky red heart a la Comme des Garçons is one of the chicest nail art options out there. Don’t forget your dotting tool to add in the eyes.


Scarlet Waves

A freeform dash of red polish on a milky white base is subtle and stylish. Any shade of red will work with this manicure.


Ruby French Tips

The colorful French tip trend has never looked better than with a vibrant ruby red. Whether you rock long nails or short, this manicure is a total classic.


3-D Serpentine

If maximalist 3-D nails are more your vibe this scarlet-hued snake design will make a serious mani statement this summer.