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If you reside in London or New York, chances are you've heard of, or even experienced, the Pietro Simone Skin Clinic. Founded by Simone in 2016, the clinic specializes in a slew of luxe face and body treatments (his silk thread exfoliation technique is particularly legendary). For anyone who has yet to enjoy one of Simone’s facials, here’s some good news: Pietro Simone Skincare, a 13-piece collection of products, can help you replicate the esthetician’s signature glow, all from the comfort of your own bathroom.

Like many skin care lovers, Simone was first introduced to beauty products when he was quite young, just five years old. “I remember watching my mum, grandma, sister, and aunts leave the bathroom after their skin care routine filled with joy and happiness,” Simone tells TZR. And, by the time he turned 19, he had already experienced more than 20 different brand trainings through Mariabruna Beauty where he worked closely with luxury labels like La Mer, La Prairie, and Carita.

While the 37-year-old has been steadily building a name for himself in the skin care industry for over a decade, it wasn’t always his intention to launch his own products. “To be honest I didn’t think about [launching a line] until I turned 24,” he explains. “I guess this was because I was focused on research rather than actually having my own brand; results dominated [my attention] rather than a marketing angle.”

But after many years of performing facials for his clients and friends, the desire to design his own products eventually felt like the logical next step. “I felt I needed a higher-performing product with my own selection of active ingredients, my own philosophy of treatment methodology and approach,” he says.

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Simone’s past roles in the industry gave him plenty of insight into what he wanted his own line to look like. “I was blessed to work for [La Prairie], for almost five years and was in charge of the training segment for the spa and perfumeries sector.” Additional training courses left him with a wealth of knowledge around ingredients, formulation, and what actually helped his clients’ skin to look and feel its best.

He ultimately decided to launch Pietro Simone Skincare with two distinct lines: The Essentials Collection and The Prestige Collection. “I created two lines because I needed to address different areas of concerns or skin life stages,” the founder explains. “The reality is that some ingredients are specific for some problems, age groups, life stages; therefore, the two lines allow me to treat the different situations.”

The Essentials Collection, which Simone recommends for people ages 25 to 45, contains eight products made for everyday use. These include the Revitalizing Cleansing, Balancing Toner, The Serum, The Cream, The Fluid, The Eye Contour Cream, Smoothing Scrub, and Renewing Peel. A few key ingredients in this line include niacinamide, aloe vera, sesame oil, and plankton extract. The Prestige Collection (best for those 45 and over) includes the Age-Preserve, Prestige Oil, Bio-Recovery, Bio-Perfector Mask, and Bio-Ageless, all of which target anti-aging concerns. The star ingredients include calendula stem cells, amino and glucuronic acids, azelaic acid, and tri-bentonite clay.

Regardless of what formula you choose, you’ll find that each is made with the brand’s exclusive Italian Bella Complex. “It’s a powerful compound of Italian treasured ingredients,” he explains. “I created it because I wanted five Italian star ingredients in every product.” The complex includes a long list of brightening, nourishing, and wrinkle-reducing favorites like tomato seed oil lipoactives, apple annurca, tuscan grapeseed oil, edelweiss merestatmatic cell cultures, vinacciolo oil, and Sicilian almond oil.

Additionally, Simone notes, “I’m addicted to peptides, [specifically] highly performing ones because of the results they can actually create,” which given their role in crucial proteins like collagen and elastin, can help the skin look particularly bouncy and youthful. In fact, he’s even been dubbed the “Peptide King” by NewBeauty. As for what you won’t find in his products? Well, for starters, GMOs, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, volatile silicones, or synthetic fragrances and colors.

So while it might not totally replace a trip to his clinic for a facial, adding a few of Simone’s skin care products to your routine might be precisely what your skin needs to help it look its best. If you’re convinced it’s time to try out Pietro Simone Skincare’s products, below, shop both collections at Neiman Marcus.

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