Overnight Overhaul

by The Zoe Report

We all understand that a good night’s sleep is beyond beneficial for our health, skin and general temperament, but who knew that it could also do wonders for our tresses? Proving that the wee hours of the night are fit for hair care and repair, the experts at Phyto have unleashed their ‘Secret de Nuit’ Hydrating Regenerating Night Treatment—an effective formula that releases its active ingredients while you slumber!Easy to use on curly, frizzy or straight locks, Phyto’s restorative concoction moisturizes and rejuvenates the hair fibers, providing your mane with an antioxidant and protective action. As you sleep, the nocturnal warmth allows the treatment to penetrate into the heart of your tresses, without interruption from external pollution and aggression. Help restore your hair’s natural mechanisms with Phyto’s blend, and you’ll wake up to stronger-looking hair that feels soft, smooth and oh-so-hydrated!

Availability: PHYTO ‘Secret de Nuit’ Hydrating Regenerating Night Treatment ($38). For additional information, visit Phyto-usa.com.