Pharrell Wants You To Take A Shower — So He Made A Body Cleanser

“Your body is still your skin, it needs a routine and to be cared for.”

Courtesy of Humanrace Skincare
Humanrace beauty body care

The world has a lot to thank musician and producer Pharrell Williams for. For starters, “Happy” got many people (both adults and toddlers alike) through the bulk of 2013. And most of the catchiest songs that always result in busting a move can be credited to his musical genius. But thankfully, Williams is way too generous to limit his brilliance to music, and in 2020 entered the beauty game with his skin care brand Humanrace. The brand is finally debuting its first new product since the initial launch. Pharrell Williams’ product company is now offering body care with it’s new soap-free body bars.

The brand announced the expansion into body care on Nov.12, insinuating that this launch is only the beginning and that there is more to come down the line (possibly body lotions, oils, scrubs, and shower and bath accessories). The two new products, the Reenergizing WhiteclayBody Bar and the Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar, will be available for purchase on the brand’s site starting Nov. 22.

“We’ve spent the last year educating people how to take care of their skin and adhere to a routine, but we believe that the routine doesn’t stop with your face, you need to care for your body too. Your body deserves its own time,” says Williams in a press release.

The philosophy behind the new body care products is that your body requires the same attention and high quality ingredients as your face, so the body bars feature a lot of the same ingredients as the products in the original three-step skin care routine, including Snow Mushroom Extract, Kaolin Clay, and Rice Powder. And similar to the skin care products, the bars also have the expert backing of Dr. Elena Jones, MD, Chief Dermatologist of Humanrace and long friend of Pharrell’s.

The Reenergizing Whiteclay Body Bar ($16) cleanses and hydrates the skin without sacrificing moisture while the Exfoliating Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar($18) gently smooths and refines skin’s texture without stripping the skin. Both products are soap-free, developed to provide an effective cleansing experience while maintaining a healthy skin barrier.

Common ingredients in most body soaps are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), parabens, and sulfates, all of which can eat at the natural oils in your skin’s protective barrier, and while this is great for clearing out excess dirt and oil, it can also dry out your skin — especially if you’re someone who showers multiple times a day.

These soap-free body bars are meant to cleanse the body with natural ingredients like charcoal powder, rice powder, and white clay, without any of the soap-like properties that can strip skin of it’s natural moisture, making these especially great for those with dry skin.

Humanrace Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar($18)Available November 22, 2021. Humanrace Skincare
Humanrace Reenergizing Whiteclay Body Bar ($16)Available on November 22, 2021. Humanrace Skincare