Influencers Are Loving This "Ugly" Nail Polish Shade For Summer

Pea soup, but for your nails.

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It’s rare that someone describes a vegetable as “polarizing,” but if one had to give that title to produce, it would be peas. Think about it — basically, either you love them or you hate them — there’s no in-between. However, pea soup nails don’t incite such feelings. In fact, everyone is fawning over the latest nail color trend, especially on Instagram. The murky green hue of sorts may not look appetizing on a plate, depending on who you ask, but it looks surprisingly stylish on practically any skin tone, as proven by various influencers and fashion insiders. Ranging in tonalities, the color takes on both neon and muted finishes, which means that the signature green can easily transition from the warmer months into the cooler seasons of fall and winter.

But it doesn’t stop at just a basic mani — the in-demand color is also being incorporated into more intricate designs such as the ever-popular again French manicures, half-moon shapes, and geometric masterpieces, making it the official color of the summer. So if you’re looking for a new color to try, one that won’t clash with your outfit and one that you probably haven’t experienced before, check out some of our favorite pea soup nail looks as seen while scrolling through our timelines.

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Into something more bright? Try this vibrant variation that’s so much fun — ideal for kicking off summer ‘21.

The hue creates the perfect compliment to any traditional French manicure, and the matte finish is equally pretty.

For a more muted spin that surely won’t clash with your outfit, try a more demure shade on perfectly manicured tips.

The color pairs wonderfully with other neutrals, particularly white. Layer the two atop each other for a simple yet decorative mani.

Keep it short, sweet, and simple with this uber-vibrant green shade. It’s just begging for a spot at your friend’s backyard party this summer.

The color also complements a light metallic wash. It’s understated, chic, and will leave everyone asking where you got your nails done.

Looking for something much warmer? The trend also includes shades with a brown undertone.

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