Goldie Locks

by The Zoe Report

In the elusive world of hair care—cut, color and all—it is a common conundrum to grow bored or frustrated with your look. If you can relate to this need for change and reinvention, but want to avoid a pricey salon visit or potentially over-processed tresses, I have just the thing for you: Oribe Hair Care’s 24K Gold Pomade.

Yes, I just used the words hair and 24 karat in the same sentence, because today’s lustrous balm actually inputs a brilliant gold shimmer into your locks. Next best thing to highlights! Stemming from a line of other totally exquisite products, Oribe’s Gold Pomade uses pieces of precious metal that will play up your hair’s natural dimension and give you a literal luminosity. A bonus being the beautiful metallic packaging it comes in. Wear Oribe Pomade to your next glamorous affair and wash it out the next morning—or don’t—a little extra glitz at the office never hurt anyone. xoRZ

Availability: Oribe Hair Care 24K Gold Pomade ($49). For additional retailer information, visit Oribe.com.