8 Organic Beauty & Home Products You Need To Stock Up On

If you’re looking for a reason to do some spring cleaning, the organic non-toxic products from The Local Rose are clear upgrades for your beauty cabinet and your kitchen. Our eco-chic Editor-in-Chief, Rachel Zoe, fell in love with the website for its range of of all-natural beauty products curated by her good friend Shiva Rose. The one-stop shop has everything from organic rose oil for your beauty regime to raw chocolate for a sweet snack to non-toxic dish soap for your kitchen. Here we have Shiva’s favorite all-natural products and why she loves them.

Natural Beauty

The Local Rose was founded by Shiva Rose who is an actress, environmental activist and mother of two.

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Rose Oil

"This nourishing face serum is made with non-toxic oils that make your skin glow. The rose oil opens your heart chakra and the blend prevents wrinkles, soothes skin and nurtures your face."

All-Natural Moisturizers

"This beautifully scented body oil boost collagen, maintains skin firmness, is non-toxic and full of antioxidants. I also love Rose Marie Swifts all natural coconut-based products - I wear the face luminizer day and evening for some extra glow!"

Goat's Milk Soap

"These non-toxic soaps are handmade with nourishing goat milk and come in lovely scents like mango, blackberry vanilla and of course rose."

Non-Toxic Kitchen Soap

"This Australian company makes non-toxic home cleaning items - I am most fond of their fig dish soap. The packaging is so chic and makes a kitchen counter look complete!"

Organic Cooking Oil

"I use bottles of this olive oil for cooking, roasting vegetables, salad dressings and quinoa dishes. This brand is healthy, organic and makes everything taste divine."

Organic Raw Chocolate Snacks

"For an afternoon pick me up, I go for raw, healthy, handmade chocolates by Zen and Bunni. We collaborated on a rose chocolate bar that is infused with biodynamic rose, cardamon and sea salt."

Goddess Lips

"I like this brand because of its classic posh packaging and because it is non-toxic. I wear the Goddess color at night and the little compact is perfect for a small evening bag."