This New At-Home Skin Care System Is The Next Best Thing To A Spa Treatment

High tech beauty at its best.

Opulus Beauty Labs

As the seasons continue to change, your skin is probably feeling the effects. Flip-flopping temperatures, random bouts of humidity, and unpredictable precipitation are not only daily inconveniences but have the tendency to throw off any progress you’ve made with your skin care routine. Needless to say, you might be in need of a reset — and the new Opulus Beauty Labs Glow Rituals Collection is here to deliver.

The second collection launch for the brand, the Glow Rituals system offers spa-level facial treatments designed to target your skin’s specific needs. The key factor is the powerful ingredients that are activated during each use for maximum potency — and maximum results.

“Designed to reactivate the skin’s natural healthy glow, gently and effectively, Opulus uses its award-winning Treatment System to introduce multi-benefit, spa-worthy, results-driven facial therapies based on three types of targeted exfoliation: chemical, enzymatic, and mechanical,” Opulus explains in a press release. “Each Glow Ritual incorporates two Opoule Treatments to be thermally blended at the moment of use in the OPULUS Activator and applied to skin, consecutively, for peak potency and optimized skin absorption.”

In other words, each of the three systems in the collection (Awaken, which targets dry, dull skin, Clarity, for pore-refining and deep cleaning, and AHA Refresh, which addresses fine lines and hyperpigmentation) comes with precisely measured doses of the mask and cleanser. At the time of application, simply pop the product pods into the OPULUS Activator (which is included when you purchase the Glow Ritual System), which blends it up for the freshest, most potent formula possible.

Ahead, shop the brand new collection (now also available at both Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue) and learn more about the three systems to find your perfect fit.

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