The One Thing Jaime King Regrets Changing About Herself

by Stephanie Montes

Jaime King—who has already conquered the worlds of acting, modeling and motherhood—just added another notch to her belt. The 36-year-old collaborated with Instagram-favorite makeup brand ColourPop cosmetics to create a 12-piece line dubbed Alchemy, which includes everything from versatile shadows to lip products to highlight and contour sticks. When we met up with Jaime at the launch of her line, she explained how her experiences in the industry inspired her new collection. “I remember Mary Greenwell and Pat McGrath would mix Elizabeth Arden eight-hour cream with a basic black eye shadow to give it a sheen—that’s fine for editorial but the problem is that’s not okay for everyday life,” she tells us. “So I wanted to create a black shadow with a sheen, a pure sheen, not a shimmer—that’s what Knight is.”


She continues to explain the collection by adding, "even though I have cheekbones, I was taught to contour. Early on, I learned that it's just part of the process. I had a vision of creating these highlighting and contouring sticks that don't really exist in the market already. I learned from Pat [McGrath] that your fingers are the perfect blending tool, so I wanted to create a product that you can draw in the crease of your eyes, on your eyebrows, even use as an eyeliner and blend, blend, blend with your hands."


There's no doubt Jaime learned tricks of the trade from some of the greats, but being in the industry didn't always steer her in the right direction. "My biggest beauty regret was listening to a producer who told me that nobody wanted to see my gapped teeth on screen," admitted Jaime. "My mother always told me that my teeth gave me personality. He made me fill in a piece of the gap and I've never felt as beautiful or unique as I did before. I really feel like it took away a part of who I was—it was really special to me. It happened early in my career and he was a huge, prolific producer but still to this day when I look in the mirror, I think about how I will never again listen to any man or woman who tells me that the way I look isn't enough."