Olaplex Adds A New Clarifying Shampoo To Its All-Star Lineup

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Olaplex Clarifying Shampoo

Olaplex’s hair care lineup has long been a shower staple for many. It wasn’t long ago that the brand launched its first hair mask, then they knocked it out of the park with its nourishing serum. Now, the brand’s latest launch, The Olaplex clarifying shampoo, is bound to earn its place in showers across the globe, right alongside the other cult-favorites. Of course this new product features the brand’s patented bond building technology (Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate) “that relinks the disulfide bonds in the hair to keep the hair healthy and strong,” celebrity colorist Bianca Hiller explains.

Clarifying shampoos are an important part of any hair washing routine, but a lot of formulas can actually strip or dry out the hair if you’re not careful. “A standard clarifying shampoo will help aggressively remove impurities, but can harshly affect the cuticle layer of the hair,” explains Hiller. That’s where Olaplex’s new clarifying shampoo claims to be different. “This new Olaplex No. 4C Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo is so innovative,” says Hiller. It’s able to remove heavy metals, minerals, chlorine, and product buildup while keeping your hair strong, shiny, and healthy. “It’s the best of both worlds — it clarifies without drying the hair out,” she adds.

The good news is that this product will benefit any hair texture, especially hair with excess oil. How often you should use it depends on how often you shampoo your hair, explains the pro. “If hair is being shampooed three or more times a week it’s recommended to use [it] once every two weeks, but if the hair is being shampooed less than twice a week it’s recommended to use [it] once a week.” All you need is a dime size amount applied to wet hair. “Focus on the scalp and work your way down to through the ends, allowing the shampoo to process for up to five minutes,” she explains. Adding water as you massage in the product will intensify the suds. From there, simply condition and style as you regularly would to reveal your shiniest strands ever.

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