Brush Up On Eco

by The Zoe Report

Incorporating eco-friendly elements into one’s lifestyle can come through measures of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are behind the wheel of a fuel-efficient car—I am the recent proud owner of a hybrid and so obsessed!—or taking a smart approach to dry cleaning, rest-assured your actions are each adding up to something totally praiseworthy. In my own personal efforts toward a green way of living, I have recently come across a brand new set of makeup brushes by Aussie-based line, NVEY ECO.

No matter what your cosmetic bag is currently lacking, NVEY ECO’s selection is complete with everything a beauty addict could ever need, including a Foundation Brush, Brow Comb and Eyeliner Applicator. Love ’em! Trust me when I say each one feels ultra-soft on your skin and helps obtain some seriously perfect coverage, thanks to their cruelty-free synthetic fibers. Even cooler, as the first collection of brushes ever to be made with compostable handles, you can use each brush fully and then return it back to NVEY ECO’s headquarters in exchange for a discount coupon toward future purchases…ba-na-nas if you ask me! A green face never looked so good. xoRZ

Availability: NVEY ECO Makeup Brushes ($22-$54). For additional information, visit Nveymakeup.com.

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