NuFACE Is Upgrading Your Favorite Skin-Lifting Tools — & Your Phone

Firmer skin with a few screen taps.

nuface devices flatlay

If you’re at all plugged into the world of high-tech skin care, you’re undoubtedly already familiar with NuFACE. As one of the first — and certainly one of the most popular — micro-current devices to score widespread commercial acclaim, the tiny tool uses itty-bitty pulses of concentrated electricity called micro-currents to smooth the appearance of lines, lift skin, and brighten the face overall. Over the years, the brand has unveiled plenty of additions to the initial lineup of devices and accessories, but NuFACE’s latest update might be its biggest overhaul in more than a decade.

NuFACE’s newest (nu-est?) devices, the Mini+ and Trinity+ spent four years in development with the aim of improving a few key metrics from the original iterations. The NuFACE Trinity, as it exists currently, acts as something of the line’s tentpole — the full-sized, red-light-capable device features two conductive spheres that can be switched out with other attachments to target different concerns. Meanwhile, the super-portable NuFACE Mini is a travel-friendly version that focuses on just the essential functions: toning, tightening, and de-puffing with every pass. The new versions deliver all the same benefits but with quite a few power-ups: water resistance, a more ergonomic design, and even fresh new colors. Most importantly, the new devices launch alongside the Bluetooth-enabled NuFACE App.

The app is the easiest and most effective way to explore the NuFACE universe. Use it to learn more about the process, unlock exclusive treatments tailored to different needs, and personalize your complete at-home experience. You can even use it to mainline 25% more micro-current on-demand with the app’s Trinity-specific “Boost” button. App-paired devices are having a real moment du jour both in the tech and beauty worlds, a natural fit for electronic tools that could benefit from a more interactive user experience.

If you’ve been eyeing the NuFACE devices for a while, consider these major evolutions your sign to give it a try.

The NuFACE Trinity+ retails for $395, available along with attachments in September. The NuFACE Mini+ retails for $245, available on nuface.com on 8/10.