Botanical Skin Care Brand Vintner’s Daughter Makes Its Foray Into Fragrance

It’s sure to sell out

Courtesy of Vintner’s Daughter
The latest Vintner’s Daughter perfume oil

In a world on 10 step skin care routines, California-based beauty line, Vintner’s Daughter is just now launching its third product. Until now the line has consisted solely of two wildly popular hero products: first the Active Botanical Serum and then the Active Treatment Essence. However, as of today, the brand has officially added a third product, in a new category, to the family. The new Vintner’s Daughter perfume oil marks the brand’s debut into the fragrance world.

The scent called, Understory is, a limited-edition unisex Perfume Oil. In line with the ethos of the brand, founder April Garguilo “consciously crafted Understory with the brand’s signature focus on the customer, their skin, and our planet,” reads a press release.

And like the signature face oil and essence the perfume is an ode to mother earth, made of the highest quality nutrient-rich botanicals. “Like everything we formulate, Understory is in service to, and inspired by the harmony and elegance of botanical life, connecting one to nature in an intimate and deeply resonant way,” adds the Napa native. Scent wise, the 100% natural formula is as sumptuous as you might expect. “Timeless floral, nuanced earth, and lush forest notes come together to create a deeply personal moment,” says the release. The scent profile incorporates olfactory notes such as Redwood Forest Accord (including conifers, bay, moss, and violet) and Blue Flag Accord (which encompasses jasmine, violet leaf, and soft petals).

For the line as a whole, Garguilo, pulls inspiration from her upbringing as a third-generation winemaker. It was from that place where she initially set out to bring those same standards of exceptional quality and craftsmanship to the world. As you might expect, this attention to quality over quantity translates in the price. One .33oz bottle rings in at $245. Each vial also comes in a gorgeous vegan leather drawstring bag that you can reuse as desired. And note that the fragrance is hand-blended in small batches there are limited quantities available.

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