Textured Winter Skin Is No Match For Nécessaire’s New All-Over Body Exfoliant

Smooth sailing all season long.

Courtesy Of Nécessaire
Nécessaire The Body Peel bottles all stacked
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Timing is everything — roll out a beauty product when the moment is just right, and watch a few month’s worth of skin concerns wash right down the drain. In the case of Nécesssaire’s brand-new launch, The Body Peel, it’s managed to arrive just ahead of the dreaded “KP season.” Fall and winter are notoriously harsh on skin in general, but the areas beneath the neck — as in, everything that gets bundled up in warm layers, never to be seen again ‘til spring? — are often abandoned. The Body Peel actually approaches all-over exfoliation the same way you would treat the face. While the formula is undoubtedly robust, it’s also infused with a slew of high-science, rather unexpected ingredients that target a number of frustrating body skin concerns without sacrificing moisture, dryness, or even too much time.

Chiefly, the new Body Peel aims to treat some of the most common all-over skin issues: ingrown hairs, texture and keratosis pilaris, general hyperpigmentation, and even strawberry skin. According to brand co-founder and CEO Randi Christiansen, this was something fans have been directly and openly requesting since the line first launched back in 2018. “Our product design team — skin scientists and experts — developed The Body Peel in direct response to our community's request,” Christiansen tells TZR.

Courtesy Of Nécessaire

The same way most built-out skin care routines include (or should include) an exfoliating component, The Body Peel features a 12% combination of AHA, BHA, and PHA active acids to chemically slough off the dead cells at the surface of the skin. This helps the newer, brighter skin cycle to the top faster for an unblemished body complexion. Christiansen explains that not only does the exfoliating help speed up that turnover process, but removing excess buildup means all of your other body case essentials can work that much more effectively. “With continued use, skin appears resurfaced. It is smoother, softer, and healthier,” she says, describing the peel as a full-on resurfacing treatment. Those acids, though, are buttressed by peptides and a full 1% of resveratrol, a skin-calming antioxidant derived from grapes and famously found in red wine.

Courtesy Of Nécesssaire

Thanks to that blend of powerful actives, the product itself will be sticky — satisfyingly so, though — upon application. After cleansing, layer The Body Peel over skin and allow it to sink in for a few minutes. Christiansen has a pro tip, though, suggesting mixing the peel with Nécessaire’s body lotion to minimize the viscosity and speed up the application process. Despite the robust acid content, The Body Peel is safe for all skin types and both hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

As winter starts to slowly creep in, stock up on the skin-saving necessities now — The Body Peel is just the thing to banish that holiday season “chicken skin” for good.