THIS Is The Most Popular Nail Polish In Your City

Two models walking down the street showing off their trendy nail polish

Your local mani-pedi spot may be covered wall to wall with nail-polish bottles, but in the end, most women gravitate to the same standout colors. The surprise? The winning hues actually vary from city to city. In order to pinpoint exactly which shades are sweeping the nation, we tapped the best salons in 10 cities for their most popular lacquers—these haunts are known for their immaculate high-gloss manicures and wide range of luxe polish choices. Read on to see the top color trends from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York—and more!

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Trending Nail Colors Across The Country

The Salon: Mars The Salon

The Salon: Sugarcoat Nail & Beauty Bar

The Salon: Cowshed Spa at Soho Beach House

The Salon: Poppy & Monroe

The Salon: Lux SF

The Salon: JINsoon

The Salon: Toppers Spa & Salon

The Salon: Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa

The Salon: Tenoverten

The Salon: Polish & Pour