The Top 10 OPI Nail Colors Of All Time

The sheer number of polishes displayed at your local nail salon can be totally overwhelming. If you’re like us, you freeze amid the endless options and, instead of branching out, reach for the same tried-and-true color every time. For this reason, we’re always curious to find out which shades are best sellers for a brand like OPI, which is ubiquitous in the realm of mani-pedis. Here, the go-to OPI hues women around the world swear by when they want to look their best.


And The Top 10 OPI Nail Colors Are...

1. Big Apple Red

2. Bubble Bath

3. Malaga Wine

4. Alpine Snow

5. Princesses Rule!

6. Cajun Shrimp

7. I'm Not Really A Waitress

8. Lincoln Park After Dark

9. Black Onyx

10. Strawberry Margarita