The Biggest Nail Trend Of 2016 According To Vogue Is…


We know that acrylic nails have been around forever, but they are suddenly having a moment in the limelight—especially since Vogue called out acrylics as a major trend for 2016. Really? Yes, really! Instagram feeds don’t lie and everyone from It girls like Caroline Vreeland to megastars like Rihanna have been sporting long, high-gloss acrylic nails as of late. To make the ’90s look feel modern, these trendsetters are opting for an oval or slightly pointed nail. If you plan to take the plunge, keep in mind that everyday chores like tying shoes laces, typing on your computer and opening a can of Coke will be more challenging. On the flip side, rocking sassy new nails almost always comes with an alter ego—so have fun!