The Best Fall Nail Colors According To Team Zoe

If the arrival of fall has put you in the mood for a manicure change-up, you aren’t alone. Team Zoe has you covered with 9 colors they swear by when the weather turns cold. Whether you have a penchant for moody reds or are jonesing for a bright pop of color, our lacquer lineup has something for every one.

What hue marks the start of fall for your mani/pedi routine? Let us know in the comments below.


9 Fall Nail Colors Worth Trying

Rachel Zoe, Editor-in-Chief

"The second the weather turns cold, I get a manicure in this Tom Ford lacquer—it's the most gorgeous deep bordeaux color."

Nicky Deam, Editorial Director

"This mushroom shade from YSL is a great seasonal alternative to pale pink. It's slightly unusual yet completely wearable—and the skin-tone hue creates the illusion of longer fingers."

Stephanie Montes, Beauty Editor

"On the rare occasion that I step out of my nude nail polish bubble, I tend to lean more towards cool undertones. This shade is the perfect middle ground between a chic gray and a fun pop of blue, which I love."

Lauren Eggertsen, Editorial Assistant

"Even though this color may not read 'fall' at first glance, it's the perfect pairing to all my favorite fall pieces. The neutral pink shade matches my wardrobe's rusts, navys and creams alike."

Christian David, Art Director

"I am usually a creature of habit when it comes to my nails and always go for classic red, but for fall I'm inspired to branch out with this copper hue."

Shannon Nash, Fashion & Beauty Editor

"This opaque latté color is my go-to for fall—it's my all-time favorite neutral nail polish."

Samantha Corbett, Graphic Designer

"I love this funky blue because it is bright and fun, yet feels sophisticated for fall."

Kristi Mikesky, Fashion & Beauty Editor

"Treat Collection’s "Fashion Week" is the perfect creamy light gray—a fun alternative to the standard nude."

Jaclyn Decell, Social Media Manager

"I've been on a serious neutral kick lately, largely because I can almost chip a manicure just by looking at it. This iridescent Chanel hue is a fun update for fall, and will distract from any imperfections."