Nail Polish Ideas: 4 Candy-Inspired Manis

by Stephanie Montes

Sure, Halloween is all about scary movies, elaborate costumes, raucous parties and pumpkins galore. But let’s not forget the very best part of this holiday—the candy. Whether you love Snickers or gummies, Baby Ruth or candy corn, the 31st of October is the one time indulging in loads of sugar is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged. In that spirit, we teamed up with Debbie Leavitt, founder of Sheswai Lacquer to create 4 fun manis celebrating our favorite sweet treats. Follow our steps for the yummiest nails we’ve ever seen. Bonus: They’re calorie free.

Nail art to sink your teeth into.

Tootsie Roll

This candy inspired a song, a dance and now some fab nails. Refresh this look each season by incorporating new colors.

Step 1: Apply a dark brown polish to all nails.

Step 2: Paint the tips with an opaque white.

Step 3: Create a thin line over the white tips using a red lacquer.

Candy Corn

What says Halloween more than candy corn? Nothing. Exactly.

Step 1: Paint all nails with an opaque white polish.

Step 2: Apply an orange lacquer to the tips of the nails.

Step 3: On the base of all nails, paint a yellow section to mimic candy corn.

Hershey's Kiss

Like most girls, chocolate is our go-to on days ending with Y. And we love kisses. Who doesn't?

Step 1: Start with a coat of metallic silver nail polish.

Step 2: Create a thick horizontal line through all nails in an opaque white polish.

Step 3: With a striping brush, create a thin blue line through the white sections.

Gummy Worms

This look is by far the sweetest of the group because it incorporates real sugar. (Caution: this may encourage nail biting, but we don't recommend it!)

Step 1: Paint each nail a different color. Stick to bright shades that mimic gummy worms.

Step 2: Paint the top half of each nail in a contrasting hue.

Step 3: Apply a clear topcoat to all nails and dab real sugar onto the wet polish.