Blackheads, Be Gone!

by The Zoe Report

Moment of truth: we’re probably all guilty of having spent too much time studying our pores at the helm of a magnifying mirror (aka our worst enemy). For beauty mavens on a mission for clear skin, Murad’s newest regimen is the answer.

Comprised of a specialized 2-step treatment and supplementary cleansing foam, refining serum and balancing moisturizer, the Pore Reform collection promises a visible reduction in pore size and T-zone shine. Not only do Murad’s formulas work to clear up problematic skin, they also provide preventative methods to ensure a future of smooth, spotless skin. You ready to say buh-bye to pesky blackheads? Thought so!

Availability: Murad Pore Reform collection ($28-$93). For additional information, visit Murad.com.