Modern-Day Beauty Icons To Know

Timeless beauty is—well—just that, timeless. Perhaps that’s why the latest crop of new, hotter-than-hot models just so happen to embody the same qualities as iconic beauties of decades past. From Sarah Brannon’s edgy-chic Patti Smith vibe to Taylor Hill’s serious resemblance to Sophia Loren, these are the of-the-moment faces redefining classic beauty.

The Modern-Day Brigitte Bardot: Anna Ewers

From her tousled blonde locks to her kohl-rimmed eyes, it's easy to see Bardot's bombshell looks resurrected in Anna.

Photo: @annaewers

The Modern-Day Lauren Hutton: Kelly Mittendorf

Kelly's infectious, gap-toothed smile is reminiscent of the ever-iconic Lauren Hutton.

Photo: @kelly_mittendorf

The Modern-Day Sophia Loren: Taylor Hill

Possessing flowing brunette locks, a sumptuous pout and, more often than not, seriously winged eyeliner, Taylor Hill is our generation's answer to Sophia Loren.

Photo: @taylor_hill

The Modern-Day Ali MacGraw: Kendall Jenner

Strong brows? Check. Sleek, chocolate-hued hair? Check. Model-of-the-moment Kendall Jenner looks more and more like Love Story's classic '70s beauty Ali MacGraw with each passing day.

Photo: @kendalljenner

The Modern-Day Patti Smith: Sarah Brannon

With an unkempt, edgy-chic mane and piercing eyes, Sarah Brannon is a modern iteration of artist and musician Patti Smith.

Photo: @sarahdonnealia

The Modern-Day Jane Birkin: Femke Oosterkamp

With unforgettable blue eyes and just-rolled-out-of-bed beauty, Femke's effortless look has Jane Birkin written all over it.

Photo: Fashion Gone Rogue

The Modern-Day Edie Sedgwick: Edie Campbell

In addition to sharing a name, Edies Campbell and Sedgwick are both renowned for their signature short 'dos and pixie-like features.

Photos: @ediebcampbell

The Modern-Day Francoise Hardy: Antonina Petkovic

With her thick fringe and flawless skin, Antonina emanates French singer and actress Francoise Hardy's je nais se quoi.

Photo: @antoninapetkovic